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            Catalogue of products



            April factory of possibilities in Poznan!

            International Trade fair of Machines na Tools Wood and Furniture Industry DREMA the largest exhibition of woodworking industry in Central-Eastern Europe, once again on the list of largest world exhibition, supported by the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Drema is place of comprehensive range presentation, of machinery and equipment for wood and furniture sektor. In one place You can see a wide range of solutions from roundwood processing to advanced technology in the furniture industry.

            Except companies and representatives of these areas, at the Fair can also be found the forestry products, a wide range of chemicals for wood and also biomass. International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production FURNICA It is the only in Poland such prestigious meeting of the industry of components for furniture production. The fair was attended by the leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of components, materials and accessories that will allow You to realize even the most ambitious ideas of furniture collection.

            The participation in the exhibition makes possible to establish new and maintain existing contacts with professionals in the industry which actively looking for the best solutions on the market. Live Furniture Factory is one of the most interesting events during the Fair. This is a unique special area, where you can familiarize yourself with the various machines in their daily use. „CHARM OF THE DETAIL” is an exhibition created within FURNICA fair aimed at furniture manufacturers. It constitutes a unique opportunity to present technological solutions which make traditional materials assume surprising image. Participation in the exhibition, among others confirmed Company: IMPRESS DECOR, INTERPRINT, SCHATTDECOR and SüDDEKOR.

            The exhibition is complemented by seminars and workshops conducted by Dr Marek Borowinski which show the newest solutions for business.

            AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN 2013 will be the premiere attraction of this year's fair. It is organized in collaboration with Creative Garage, which will be presented unusual furniture, designed based on the classic cars.

            More information: www.furnica.pl/en www.drema.pl/en
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