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            Catalogue of products



            Tapex-New collection

            We have a pleasure to present an offer of upholstery furnitures manufactured in our company. With years of experience, dedication to work and highly-skilled employees we provide our customers with high quality products and reliable service. By giving our best in every field we operate we have gained an appreciation from our domestic as well as foreign business partners.

            By meeting current trends and producing with wide range of styles and variety of upholstery fabrics our offer can satisfy different tastes. Our another advantege is a flexibility and ability to adapt manufacturing processes to the individual needs of our customers.

            At present, our products are exported to many European countries including United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Germany.

            We invite you to cooperation.


            98-220 Zduńska Wola

            phone: +48 43 823 63 61


            • Furniture, furniture stores
            • M?bel
            • мэбля
            • Meubelen
            • Name?taj
            • Мебели
            • Namje?taj
            • Nábytek
            • M?bler
            • M??bel
            • Huonekalut
            • meuble, meubles
            • garten m?bel, m?bel
            • ?πιπλα
            • bútorok
            • furniture
            • mobili, arredamento, arredamenti
            • Мебель
            • Mēbeles
            • Baldai
            • Meubles
            • furniture
            • Meubelen
            • M?bler
            • meble
            • mobiliário
            • Mobilier
            • мебель, мебели
            • Name?taj
            • Nábytok
            • Pohi?tvo
            • Muebles
            • m?bler
            • M?bel
            • Mobilya
            • Мебл?
            • furniture
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