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            Catalogue of products



            Welcome to furniture.eu


            What is www.yoka7.com?

            This is all-European multilingual web-portal dedicated  to furniture business. Its mission is creating the most popular catalogue of companies connected with this business. The goal of the catalogue is presenting reliable and up to date information about activity of companies and presenting their products. There are special sections of the catalogue in which every company or organisation interested can have  its own to place for a gallery of products and any essential information about a company in 36 European languages. Such a visiting-card brings interest of B2C and B2B business including producers, wholesalers, distributors of furniture,  furnishings and accessories.

            With www.yoka7.com you can:

            - save your money on promotion of your company and brand throughout Europe in 36 national languages

            - develop your company by finding new business contacts

            - earn money by selling products to completely new customers

            - everything in one place, easy and intuitive to administrate and control

            Kindest regards
            FURNITURE.EU Team

            • Furniture, furniture stores
            • M?bel
            • мэбля
            • Meubelen
            • Name?taj
            • Мебели
            • Namje?taj
            • Nábytek
            • M?bler
            • M??bel
            • Huonekalut
            • meuble, meubles
            • garten m?bel, m?bel
            • ?πιπλα
            • bútorok
            • furniture
            • mobili, arredamento, arredamenti
            • Мебель
            • Mēbeles
            • Baldai
            • Meubles
            • furniture
            • Meubelen
            • M?bler
            • meble
            • mobiliário
            • Mobilier
            • мебель, мебели
            • Name?taj
            • Nábytok
            • Pohi?tvo
            • Muebles
            • m?bler
            • M?bel
            • Mobilya
            • Мебл?
            • furniture
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